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Nanatsu No Taizai

Author: suzuki nakaba

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural ,

Update: Sep 18, 2018

Nanatsu No Taizai

Next update: about Sep 25, 2018


The "Seven Deadly Sins", a group of evil knights who conspired to overthrow the kingdom of Britannia, were said to have been eradicated by the Holy Knights, although some claim that they still live. Ten years later, the Holy Knights have staged a Coup d'état and assassinated the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. Elizabeth, the king's only daughter, sets out on a journey to find the "Seven Deadly Sins", and to enlist their help in taking back the kingdom.


Nanatsu No Taizai Vol.26 Ch.282 new Sep 18, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.281 Sep 10, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.280 Sep 3, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.279 Aug 28, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.278 Aug 20, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.277 : You Cannot Free Yourself From Love Aug 7, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.276 Jul 30, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Vol.17 Ch.275.5 Jul 24, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Vol.32 Ch.275 : Hearts as One Jul 17, 2018
Nanatsu No Taizai Ch.274 Jul 9, 2018

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